Second baby syndrome…

Second baby – what baby?! haha.

With my first, I had all new. The latest gadgets. Things were pristine and smelt of disinfectant.

Second baby – raises herself in the wood….

So we looked after our first pushchair system (Silvercross Surf) and reused it for our second totally ignoring the fact the handle has ducktape on. We had a Mama and Papas (Timbuktales unisex themed) nursery and again, looked after that and was fortunate to move Rex into another room leaving the nursery as it was. This left us money spare to buy little nik naks that I wouldn’t have thought of before. So here are my glad I did/ wish I hadn’t purchased purchases.

There are photos of all products mentioned near the end of the blog post. 

My top two products that I think have stopped me from murdering my husband/taking vodka through the vein on a regular occasion.

Tommee Tippee. Perfect prep milk machine. ALL HAIL THE MILK MAKING GODS!!!!!

Sleepyhead of Sweden

Move over Moses basket. Helllllooooo absolute life saver. I moved this from room to room and house to house when visiting. I co slept with it and I introduced baby to her cot bed in it. Absolute dreamer for parents of a previous devil child that never slept. I truly believe this is a huge factor in her being a good sleeper. (Please mary and the sweet baby orphans, let this continue!!!)

Ardo double electric breast pump.

NHS approved. Pump two boobs at once and voted the quietest. Say no more for night pumping!

Caboo baby carrier.

This was the PERFECT transition from #neonatal #kangaroocare to being home. It was ideal for different positions, skin to skin, feeding and hoicking a low birth weight baby around safely. (I am currently selling this…get in touch if you want more details )

Ewan the sheep.

Ewan…little beauty Ewan. He sends me to sleep never mind the baby. We LOVE him! Even if you use it sporadically or baby is worked up…this furry ball of wonderfulness can create world peace. In all seriousness, I think he would do a better job than Donald Trump.

Milk monster.

I thought I would use this loads when in fact I didn’t use it at all. I was never in the situation where milk was sat for hours so it needed tracking in this way. I’m not really sure when you would be either really?!

Milton dummy cleaner. 

Please tell me which sort of superhuman mother figure only ever has one dummy on the go?! We would put a dummy in to sterilise it and use another of the 300 dummies (that we can never find when we need one!) by the time we came back to the Milton dummy cleaner it needed sterlising again in using other means. Sort of defeated the point for me.

Burts Bees and Child’s farm moisturiser. 

I used Burts Bees on Rex as we were bought it as a gift and I never used anything else. It was like silk and smelt delish! Everyone used to comment on him smelling nice! Pea had different skin altogether, she was very prone to super dry patches that would flare up and look sore. Nothing was touching it, some women recommended it on Instagram for eczema prone skin. I am not joking within 2 days there was a major improvement.

Anti colic bottles.

Both my kids were not the sharing caring types and both held wind really badly. We used Dr Browns bottles with the first which did the trick but was such a faff to clean and sterilise. It was easier to polish a car engine than it was to make sure the milk was out of all the different components. Second time round, I had seen great things about the MAM anti colic bottles. We purchased a starter pack which was on offer at our local toys r us and it included lots of different sized bottles, a beaker adjuster AND dummies. It was great value for money and they self sterilise with a few ml of water in a microwave…..I’m just going to leave that there. No need for boiling water, milton or packing an electric sterlising system on your family trips, you just need water and a micro!!! Winner!



Before I go and check on how the second child is getting on raising herself I though i would mention some Instagram pages that I have purchased from for bambino and I have been REALLY happy with my purchases.

@boobbix – lactation cookies. a) delicious b) cookies….do I need another reason haha c) Helped with milk productionbeeter than fenugreek.

@popsy_and_me – beautiful crochet and wooden bead dummy clips. Personalised. I loved Pea’s its so pretty and sturdy! 

@handmadebyruthlovedbyjacob – I purchased a beautiful keepsake for Fathers day from the baby but just take a look at the IG page….it gives you alllll the feels!!! I’m obsessed! 

@createdbycarli – the most delicate and pretty soft headbands for tiny little heads!

@thekitschhen – why send flowers when you can send biscuits. Caroline at the kitschen creates biscuits with personalised messages on. YES TO THIS!!!

LB xoxo



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